Theoretical and empirical evaluation of credibility and reputation in macroeconomics

by Michael Christensen

Publisher: Økonomisk institut, Aarhus universitet in [Århus, Denmark]

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  • Macroeconomics.,
  • Denmark -- Economic policy.

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Abstract The scientific credibility of economics is itself a scientific question that can be addressed with both theoretical speculations and empirical data. In this review, we examine the major pa. Examples of critics and defenders. The history of the debate from a critic's perspective is detailed by Gannon (). Critics of evolutionary psychology include the philosophers of science David Buller (author of Adapting Minds), Robert C. Richardson (author of Evolutionary Psychology as Maladapted Psychology), and Brendan Wallace (author of Getting Darwin Wrong: Why Evolutionary Psychology. The Journal of International Economics is intended to serve as the primary outlet for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of international economics. These include, but are not limited to the following: trade patterns, commercial policy; international institutions; exchange rates; open economy. Poor Economics is pitched at a "popular science" level and has hardly anything in the way of theory — and it seems as much motivated by ideas from public health as by development economics. Even as simple a concept as a marginal return is carefully explained, for example, and the most complex idea is the possibility of a "poverty trap", where.

Because it is UNCORRECTED material, please consider the following text as a useful but insufficient proxy for the authoritative book pages. 17 Assessing the Credibility of Voluntary Codes: A Theoretical Framework Franco Furger Over the past 10 years, there has been a steady increase in the number of voluntary environmental initiatives among. The findings from empirical tests and research are considered in order to evaluate various hypotheses and theoretical propositions about rational deterrence theory. Critiques of rational deterrence theory have in general drawn upon organizational theory and cognitive psychology to question the capacity of individual decision makers and military. A negative form of the halo effect can manifest called the horns effect, the devil effect, or the reverse halo effect, in which the observer allows one unfavourable or disliked trait or aspect of a person or product to influence his or her global opinion of the person in a negative direction. It is an effect that psychologists call "bias blind spots," Among these is the Horn effect, whereby.   Reputation Signaling. Academic career growth is a complex process emerging from the institutional, social, and cognitive aspects of science. Conceptually, each career i is embedded in two fundamental networks that are interconnected: the nodes in the first network represent scientists and in the second network represent publications. The links within the first network represent collaborations.

Accordingly, it covers broad topics in the theory and application of both empirical economic and financial research, including analysis of time series and the business cycle; different forecasting methods; new models for volatility, correlation and of high-frequency financial data and new approaches to panel regression, as well as a number of. ECON Introduction to Micro Economics. Introduction to economic analysis and its application. Theory of supply and demand, costs and revenues of the firm under perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly, pricing of factors of production, income distribution, and theory of international trade. Econ 1 deals primarily with microeconomics. Evaluation of Reputation and Deep Pockets Hypotheses Clive S. Lennox* 1. INTRODUCTION There is now a great deal of evidence that large audit firms provide higher quality audits and offer greater credibility to clients’ financial statements than small audit firms. The stock market reacts more favourably when a company switches to a. C. Paul Hallwood is Professor of Economics at University of Connecticut. He has authored five books and many papers within the international economics field, covering areas such as international money and finance, the multinational corporation, the international oil industry and developing economies, and the economics of commodity markets.

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Theoretical and empirical evaluation of credibility and reputation in macroeconomics. Author: Christensen, M. ISNI: Awarding Body: University of Southampton Current Institution: University of Southampton Date of Award: Availability of Full Text.

eempirical work in economics is a pipe dream. Here we address the questions of mpirical work in economics is a pipe dream. Here we address the questions of wwhether the quality and the credibility of empirical work have increased since hether the quality and the credibility of empirical work have increased since LLeamer’s pessimistic assessment.

improved empirical work, including the availability of more and better data, along with advances in theoretical econometric understanding, but especially the fact that research design has moved front and center in much of empirical micro.

We offer a brief digression into macroeconomics and industrial organization, where. The Credibility Revolution in Empirical Economics: How Better Research Design is Taking the Con out of Econometrics Joshua D.

Angrist and Jörn-Steffen Pischke Joshua D. Angrist is Ford Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts. In this review, we examine the major parameters that are expected to affect the credibility of empirical economics: sample size, magnitude of pursued effects, number and pre‐selection of tested relationships, flexibility and lack of standardization in designs, definitions, outcomes and analyses, financial and other interests and prejudices Cited by: The Credibility Revolution in Empirical Economics: How Better Research Design Is Taking the Con out of Econometrics Joshua D.

Angrist Massachusetts Institute of Technology and IZA Jörn-Steffen Pischke London School of Economics and IZA Discussion Paper No. March IZA P.O. Box Bonn Germany Phone: + The Credibility Revolution in Empirical Economics: How Better Research Design Is Taking the Con out of Econometrics by Joshua D.

Angrist and Jörn-Steffen Pischke. Published in vol issue 2, pages of Journal of Economic Perspectives, SpringAbstract: Since Edward Leamer's memorable. The theory of policy credibility has been influential in both the design of monetary policymaking institutions and in the implementation of policy.

In particular, the idea that 'reputation' is. MACROECONOMICS MatthiasDoepke UniversityofChicago AndreasLehnert BoardofGovernorsofthe FederalReserveSystem en GeorgeMasonUniversity. The Effects of Political Credibility on Growth: Theory and Empirical Evidence.

Front Matter. Pages PDF. This book shows that there is a common and valid answer: political credibility defined as the predictability of the institutional rules of the game.

long-term reputation or democratic participation the sufficient one. Despite the. Downloadable. Since Edward Leamer's memorable paper, "Let's Take the Con out of Econometrics," empirical microeconomics has experienced a credibility revolution.

While Leamer's suggested remedy, sensitivity analysis, has played a role in this, we argue that the primary engine driving improvement has been a focus on the quality of empirical research designs. How to test predications of models based on theoretical analysis from optimising models in micro or macro, finance or business related fields of economics using empirical evidence using basic.

This paper review the empirical evidences and theoretical. The source credibility of the celebrity endorsement is one of the main bases discussed in this scope.

The book includes. Macroeconomic Theory Dirk Krueger1 Department of Economics University of Pennsylvania Janu 1I am grateful to my teachers in Minnesota, V.V Chari, Timothy Kehoe and Ed- ward Prescott, my ex-colleagues at Stanford, Robert Hall, Beatrix Paal and Tom.

In contrast, the other existing methods recently applied on the analysis of credibility under inflation targeting regimes need to impose ad hoc limits as their values are calculated without necessarily establishing a structural measure or theory for the monetary policy’s credibility.

Empirical evidences regarding expected inflation. The quality of Web content can be rated via several proposed applications. For Wikipedia, the importance of credibility has been recognized as early as in Korfiatis, Poulos, and Bokos () and Lopes and Carriço ().More specifically, the AFT has been used to research Wikipedia article quality (Flekova, Ferschke, Gurevych,Jankowski-Lorek, Nielek, Wierzbicki, Zieliński, ).

The book will be of interest, not only to model builders, applied econometricians and people interested in economic methodology, but also to anybody interested in the foundations of economics as a scientific discipline, in general, and in the credibility of its theoretical and empirical underpinnings, in particular.'.

This book introduces readers to Web content credibility evaluation and evaluation support. It highlights empirical research and establishes a solid foundation for future research by presenting methods of supporting credibility evaluation of online content, together with publicly available datasets for reproducible experimentation, such as the Web Content Credibility Corpus.

This essay reviews progress in empirical economics since Leamer'rs () critique. Leamer highlighted the benefits of sensitivity analysis, a procedure in which researchers show how their results change with changes in specification or functional form.

Sensitivity analysis has had a salutary but not a revolutionary effect on econometric practice. This book investigates the economic decisions behind the implementation of public-private partnerships (PPPs). The first part of the book discusses different forms of public procurement contracts, in particular in France and the UK, and provides an economic analysis of the potential advantages and pitfalls of public-private partnerships.

This analysis is not new per se, as it follows a literature on political economy, game theory and empirical evaluation of credibility. Alberto Alesina and Nouriel Roubini with Gerald D. Cohen’s book, Political Cycles and the Macroeconomy, published by MIT Press in   Empirical economics’ recent surge in credibility—a movement spurred by better research designs and the use of causal inference—is transforming law and economics from a largely theoretical field to a maturing one that uses randomized field experiments, quasi-experiments, and other methods to test the impact of legal changes, a shift that could have implications for legal practice and.

In these three essays, Professor Granger explains the process of constructing and evaluating an empirical model. Drawing on a wide range of cases and vignettes from economics, finance, politics and environment economics, as well as from art, literature, and the entertainment industry, Professor Granger combines rigor with intuition to provide a unique and entertaining insight into one of the.

Questions addressed include: the merits of simple policy rules, policy design in the face of uncertainty and international policy coordination. A central feature of the book is the treatment of credibility and the effect of a policy-maker's reputation for sticking to announced policies.

Using numerous case studies, the book explores the challenges and tasks of CSR in emerging markets, in the fashion industry and in global and family companies. It identifies the changes that can be detected following the financial crisis, closing the loop and linking the empirical findings with the revised theoretical framework.

JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE EDUCATION •Volume 4 •Number 2 •Winter 41 As in many other behavioral science fields, explanations and predictions are the main goals in finance.4 To this end, both theoretical analyses and empirical investigations are necessary. Published: Joshua D.

Angrist & Jorn-Steffen Pischke, "The Credibility Revolution in Empirical Economics: How Better Research Design Is Taking the Con out of Econometrics," Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Association, vol.

24(2), pagesSpring. citation courtesy of. Users who downloaded this paper also downloaded. Dual process theory (DPT) has been playing a prominent role in both the cognitive and behavioral sciences.

The standard view of DPT —also known as the “received view” (Evans and Stanovich b; cf. Mugg )—suggests that different aspects of human cognition, such as reasoning, judgment, and decision-making, can be categorized according to and/or understood as the.

A Core of Practical Macroeconomics Macroeconomics-the part of economics that focuses on economic growth and eco-nomic fluctuations-has always been an area of great controversy and debate. Over years ago David Ricardo argued with Thomas Malthus over the importance of supply versus demand in growth and fluctuations, much as.

– The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that both the reputation of the monetary authority and the credibility of the regime of inflation targeting are important to reduce the inflation bias and the effort of the monetary authority in an emerging economy., – The paper develops a model which shows that the gain of credibility reduces the effort of the monetary authority in the.

This book will definitely shape how both scholars and policymakers approach the role of international banks.” Borrowing Credibility is a major contribution to the theoretical and empirical literatures in international relations and international economics alike." how to establish a reputation for monetary and financial reliability.macroeconomics.

I try to keep a good balance between empirical and theoretical studies. The focus of the course is on economic growth with a special emphasis on the Ramsey growth model, output fluctuations, and monetary and fiscal policy.

Evaluation Two exams, 60 %, two empirical exercises 40 %. Book * Economic Growth second edition.The past 40 years have established recruitment as a fundamental area of research to both researchers and practitioners.

No longer is recruitment viewed as simply another component of human resource management but rather a strategic tool with wide-ranging implications for organizations.

To this extent investigations on the subject have drawn upon diverse perspectives from economics to marketing.